Tuesday Teaching Talk (TTT)

Tuesday Teaching Talk is a regular feature which, as the name implies, is an opportunity to talk explicitly about teaching (and learning) in the practical and philosophical sense that happens on, you guessed it, Tuesday. Hold on to your hats.  The CAST coordinators (yes there are 2 of us) are tasked with supplying TTTs to you.  Look for questions, videos, tips, etc.  Enjoy!


Welcome to Week 4. 

What is your #1 pet peeve this week with respect to teaching?

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaching Talk (TTT)

  1. I have students who are now using their phones to look at their textbooks. It looked like they were reading a text or e-mail but they showed me they were looking at the textbook!

    • I know! A couple of my students had my lecture slides on their cell phone screen but I do have “texters” as well.

  2. Pet Peeve: When a student walked in loudly, 20 minutes late, with the class engaged in a quiz and loudly stated “What did I miss”?

    Was it wrong for me to reply, “you missed 20 minutes of class”.


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