4 thoughts on “This one’s for Gitte

  1. Nicely done…but will we see you today? Perhaps that’s of no consequence. Keep doing what you’re doing as well Realist.

  2. Dear Realist,
    I am honored to receive such a personal and public response from you! You know me well as we can see with the pretty pearls and pink suit. You are right, a nickname is indeed tricky since in a truthful and real world, the “sexy” thing doesn’t quite work with me :-). So, you didn’t need to apologize for not giving me credit. Have you heard? “Home is where your heart is”. My mission is not to get credit ( I got that in my portfolios and reviews for SITTING through many meetings) but to have CAST foster learning opportunities and discussion beyond our caves, your dungeon and our sealed off classrooms. We are working on the massages since Kamran suggested that CAST is “the most stimulating thing around”. Realist, I thank you for dragging me out into the limelight of the lounge, but I must now run to 709 – see you there!

    • I think Realist portrays the real Gitte, the one wearing pearls and a pink suite. He left out the dry martini to avoid issues of with censorship.

      Thanks Gitte and Chris for the great workshop this morning!

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