HWC Music History

My colleague Kamran Swanson wrote by email last week:

While lying in bed and listening to WBEZ far too late into this morning, my ears piqued at the mention of Harold Washington College. The show ‘Eight Forty Eight,’ in conjunction with ‘Radio Host M,’ was airing a segment for Black History month, and playing a selection of tunes from black Chicago musicians. Ramsey Lewis and James Mack were mentioned, and James Mack was described as having been the music department chairman for 30 years at Harold Washington college some years back. The years were not given, and clearly we were still Loop College at least during the beginning of his tenure.

If you’re interested, you can listen to the production at the top of this webpage

There’s a lot of good music, and I recommend the entire 30 minute show. The timer counts down, and the Lewis/Mack section begins at -10:44.

Mack’s obit is here.

h/t to Kamran for the pointer!

One thought on “HWC Music History

  1. I remember James Mack as a stellar musician,long time department chair and a staunch union member. One of his compositions was featured at one of the Grammy award ceremonies.I remember his sense of humor and “big” presence. May he rest in peace.

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