Talk to Them

I ran across the following post on the official Reinvention blog:

City Colleges of Chicago Boosts Outreach With New Student Support Software

It’s been up for ten days and there have been no comments. If you want to have a say in your college’s future, take a look and perhaps leave a comment.

According to the GradesFirst website:

The GradesFirst Student Support System combines Early Alert, Advising Management, Tutor Management, and advanced communications tools to improve student success and increase university retention rates.

Will we be using this in the Fall?

2 thoughts on “Talk to Them

  1. Realist,

    FYI… it’s now been 55 days since the original post and the link to your above plea for comment is still the only one received. We started the Talk2UsCOE blog to provide another opportunity for our CCC community to tell us what they think about what we’re doing, both good and bad. We appreciate your efforts to generate dialogue and look forward to hearing from more of our colleagues.

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