Faculty Council Meeting Reminder

Just a reminder that our first FC meeting of the spring will be today at 4pm in room 1046. All are welcome and invited.

The first item of business will be a discussion of the proposed changes to the Tenure Review Process. If you’d like to see the current state of the proposal, you can go HERE to get the details of what’s being proposed.

(As I’ve said before, this is a project that is near and dear; it was almost four years ago that I first drafted a proposal for changing the tenure process and showed it around to people, a few of whom said, “I like it, but it’ll never happen.” Others tried to make something happen. It took awhile, but here we are and it looks like something may actually happen. So for anyone who says, “Nothing ever changes,” I say, “Voila.” I say it very, very slowly, but still…)

Michael Maltenfort, one of the architects of the proposal, will be joining us for questions and discussion.

See you there, we hope.



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