A Potpourri of Reading

Here’s eleven stuff:

~Did you know that in Brazil, a 2008 law requires the teaching of philosophy in all high schools? Me neither; it’s fascinating;

~On Why the Posse Foundation is the best “reform”/intervention program in all of higher education;

~This Year’s National Humanities Medalists (including two of my favorite (top five) working philosophers–Kwame Anthony Appiah and Amartya Sen;

~Seven Equations that Rule Our World (and here’s the link to the specific equations without the video and text);

~On “Linsanity” (associated, the author’s website called, “Yo, Is This Racist?”) also, this is interesting, and this is great, and if you want more background, go HERE;

~Education in Sparta–and what it suggests about contemporary reforms;

~Texas’ plan to raise graduation rates (insert Texas joke here);

~A great list of excuses (found on Crooked Timber)–I am making a late new year’s resolution addendum to try to use at least 70 of these before the end of the year, so if you hear me say, “I can resist everything but temptation” or “the stony grey soil of Monarghen” you’ll now know why;

~On DIY Science–about a dude who tried to split the atom in his kitchen. Seriously;

~Campus Themed Internet Memes (featuring a poster about Philosophy that made me laugh);

~Looking for cool ways to present (and visualize) your data? Try THESE;

(Yes, that first sentence was on purpose. I like it.)

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