Reminder: Sabbatical Applications Due on Friday

Just in case you’re eligible and thinking about applying for one, per your email, you might want to spend a little time over the long holiday weekend putting together your sabbatical application, since they’re due to the suits this week.

And if you don’t know how to think about it (or aren’t yet eligible), you might get some help from THIS article about how to plan a productive (and enjoyable) sabbatical.

And if you don’t know from sabbaticals, read this before filling out this.

4 thoughts on “Reminder: Sabbatical Applications Due on Friday

  1. Not just any old suit. We’re talkin’ suits from Kohls Middle Management collection.

    • You won’t hear me mocking anyone’s sartorial choices…glass houses, stones, etc.,…

      • Gladys Kravitz here. That was me throwing stones at my own glass house. (My family owns a glass factory. I can afford it.) I’m a big fan of the Kohl’s Middle Management Collection. Can’t speak for the rest of my administrative colleagues, but who doesn’t love the sale of the season?

        • True story: the last time I went clothes shopping (and it was at Kohl’s!), I went to the register and my bank refused to authorize the sale without a phone call because they categorized the purchase as “unusual activity.”

          I didn’t know whether I should be proud or appalled.

          I hear sporty florals and sorbet colors are big this year, but if that doesn’t work, apparently dressing like it’s 1983 will do…I bet you can rock an early 80’s look, Gladys; I see a Miami Vice thing for you. Make it happen!

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