State of the College Reviews

UPDATE–BUMPED UP FOR MORE VOTING: I’m totally surprised by the votes for “Travesty” (though overall it’s still running almost 2 to 1 positive)…still, I’m left to wonder what other people saw that I didn’t…what’s the complaint?

(And sorry, Don–I am totally unable to say with any sort of confidence what meaning I had in my head when I typed it. I’m inclined to say something like “a mockery” or “a perversion” (both synonyms in Webster’s (‘merican dictionary), but I’m suspicious that maybe that idea is a function of (or at least was influenced by) your interesting research. Hindsight bias seems likely here, so I’ll have to say I don’t know and leave it a great unsolved mystery.)

What did you think?

3 thoughts on “State of the College Reviews

  1. FYI: I voted ‘Definitely a Success’. The only way it could have been a travesty is if Don had not kept his promise of keeping all presenters to the 3 minute limit.
    The format was not a bad idea.

    I would like to hear from the voters who believed it to be ‘A Travesty’. At least Don could learn from your input. He has been listening to our feedback.

  2. I, too, would like to hear from the 5 people who felt that the SotC was a travesty. I know I wasn’t there, but that’s no reason to be so upset. šŸ™‚

    • I assume that they voted that way on account of my presentation, but I’m buoyed to know that it could be your absence against which they protest. That is certainly plausible.

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