This one goes to 31, because that’s how many days there are in March. Enjoy:

~Emma Goldman was cool. Still is, actually.

~In my dreams, I write this well. One of the best essays I’ve read this year, in terms of its writing at least. Glorious.

~On Math and Magic.

~How research on memory should affect the way you teach (this is actually the second of two parts, but the first part is linked in the article; I’m sure you can do it)

~Barry Schwarz (who’s awesome) and a co-author argues that colleges should focus on teaching intellectual virtues

~Badges as the real, looming higher ed disruption

~How the presence of uninformed individuals can spontaneously inhibit a large group from being swayed by an opinionated minority, a fish study (or, why momentum is so hard to maintain)

~Critical University Studies would be an awesome research field, I think. Oh, wait. It is.

~Nessie says that Business majors study the least (insert joke here).

~MIT says we should pay extra attention to re-admitted students and makes some suggestions for doing so

~On a fascinating aspect of Wikipedia (and another reason to steer students from it as anything but a starting place)

~The Accidental Activist: A piece about Jonathan Boldt, the adjunct who started the Google doc on adjunct working conditions

~A Consideration of the Public Discourse on Education

~Politicians insulting professoriate.

~This is about typewriters. Sort of.

~Interesting research about death and death rates.

~On the study of foreign language and internationalization (or, shut your data portal, Larry Summers)

~Work on the value of college (as defined narrowly–as earning power)

~Is new, better? It seems not to one who once thought maybe so.

~An Academic Abroad: this made me laugh out loud twice.

~Upper class and non-upper class terminology tells

~On the Freshman Reading Experience (or class-wide books)

~Tenure under attack–an explanation

~Another thing on college and work

~Ostensibly about philosophy and the urgency to “make it matter,” you can substitute other disciplines in there, too.

~Turns out “Rate My Professor,” Chili peppers aside, provides a more reliable picture of students’ consensus view of what’s going on in the classroom than typically suspected.

~Just in case anyone is on the academic job market…some advice.

~Texas phases out an astonishing number of degree programs

~Advice for getting published.

~On the current campus culture–how (traditional) students live their school lives and how that’s changed from 20 years ago.


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