Midterm Week Methods

You’ll know it from the glassy eyed stares in class, the conversational non-sequiturs, the muttering, and complaining…and that’s just the faculty!

So, we’re here to help. All week long I’ll be posting some videos to show your students (or make available to them) that I keep running across vis-a-vis other educators saying how helpful students say they are.

Today’s is called “Beliefs that Make You Fail…or Succeed.” Check it.


3 thoughts on “Midterm Week Methods

  1. Good stuff! I’ve already posted Chew’s series of videos on my Bb sites. They’re a great resource for my students as they get ready to write their midterm reflections, thinking about how far they’ve come this semester, how far they want to go the rest of the semester, and what they have to do to get there.

    Thanks, PhiloDave.

    • Awesome (and you’re welcome). I showed 1 through 3 in my logic classes, and students were (by and large) interested, though, ironically, the students who seem to need the info the most were paying the least attention to them (while my most skilled students were scribbling notes throughout)–the rich get richer, I guess.

      Anyway, glad you dig them. I’m going to post them to my Blackboard sites, too, and Friday’s post (coming up) has a link for the Samford U Channel page with all five videos (if you want to post five in one).

      • After seeing these videos, my first thought was that I needed to show them in logic, the first of which I did today.

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