Harold Lounge 2012 Brackets

Hey kids,

If you are really interested in an NCAA bracket competition, I’ve got it all set up on CBSSports.com. The rules are simple:

Sign-up to play and every win gets you points. The points increase every round, from 1 for picking first-round winners, all the way to 32 for the finals.

I know, the first round is over, but better late than not at all. Does anypeep even care about the first round? Let’s just say you can’t go wrong with those picks. Round 2 starts this Thursday so there’s still time.

Have some fun. I know you’re still grading, but this can be a good distraction. Here’s the link to the Harold Lounge 2012 Brackets:


Here’s the password: hl2012

(I won’t be participating for two reasons. Number 1, I did not follow the college basketball scene this season (Northwestern is out and I don’t understand the big deal – even after watching a report last night). Number 2, I don’t know if all these big sponsors are participating because they support college basketball or they support profits. In any case my pondering should not dictate whether or not a bracket competition should or should not occur, so have at it and may the best bracket player and team win!)

6 thoughts on “Harold Lounge 2012 Brackets

    • But if one, just one peep cared, and proceeded to create a username, then the statement is no longer true; which is the case. There are currently two peeps in the bracket competition.
      As I mentioned, just ’cause I ain’t in(terested), don’t mean others wouldn’t want to predict winners.

      All’s good Anonymous. We’re all entitled to our respectful comments and opinions; and I care about yours!

    • You need to sign up for one on the cbssports.com site. Then once you have one, you can log into the group site.



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