Harold Lounge Braggin’ Rights Bracket Contest Update

The brackets have been set and the curious want to know (well, maybe I’m the only one with curiosidad). Here’s how the standings are looking as of 3pm today:

Group Standings
Rank Team Name Score Correct Best Score Best Correct Champion
1 Michael Russell 15 15 188 59 North Carolina  (141)
2 Chris Sabino 14 14 187 58 Ohio St.  (123)
2 Don Laackman 14 14 185 57 Kentucky  (135)
4 David Richardson 13 13 186 57 Missouri  (137)
4 Jivin Jenny 13 13 180 54 Kentucky  (135)
4 Kamran Swanson 13 13 184 56 Kansas  (160)
7 Anthony Escuadro 12 12 179 53 Kentucky  (139)
8 Chicago Realist 0 0 0 0  ()

Do your trash talkin’ by leavin’ a reply. Here’s my play-by-play:

~Michael Russell looked like odd man out with all these heavyweights, but it looks like he knows his teams. Question is, can he hold the lead. Is he our Cinderella story on The Lounge?

~Hey look, Chris is ahead of Dave! Did junior help with the picks?

~Wow, my man Don is ahead of David! Is this part of Dave’s plan? Are ya worried, PhiloDave? Are YOU worried, Don?

~Jivin Jenny is in 4th? Really? What up Jenny?! Say it isn’t so!

~I’m gonna give Kamran a pass. That Hegel paper is messin’ with his mind. Hint: there’s no logic to these picks, K-man!

~Anthony… so long as you don’t let me down with my grievances, we’re all good. I’ll give you a pass, if your union will permit me to do so.

~I tolds ya I wasn’t playin’. I’ll leave it at that.

OK kids, let’s see where we are in a few days (I’ll do my best to provide regular updates. Blink, and this thing is over!)

One thought on “Harold Lounge Braggin’ Rights Bracket Contest Update

  1. Busted out on Day 2…Well, at least I’ll beat the Realist. That’s some consolation.

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