No True Scotsman: A Campaign Against Sexual Violence

I tagged this when I saw it last fall for my Social and Political Philosophy class because I thought it was amazing on multiple levels and would provoke a lot of discussion. I showed it to my class and they were pretty stoic in response which surprised me. I wonder if maybe the accents gave them trouble and they weren’t sure they heard what they think they heard. Also, it was close to the end of class. Also, it was beautiful outside.

Still, I thought I should share it here; maybe you can do something with it:


Oh, and I showed them this one, too, from FunnyOrDie, the week before, which they thought was funny, so maybe they were thinking it was a spoof, too.

One thought on “No True Scotsman: A Campaign Against Sexual Violence

  1. Aren’t you shocked sometimes, when you expect a certain response, but get the opposite.
    Go figure.
    All I know is that some day, one of those students, will remember the video clip and it will have change his or her life. They may not even realize it.
    Too bad we, as their teachers, will not be there to see it.
    This is why I say that education will always be a life-long pursuit and 16 weeks is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

    Thanks for sharing!

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