The Inside(r) Story

Between the midterms, the other stuff, the hoops, and Chicago’s High Holy Day, I’ve had a hard time making any space for much posting over the last few weeks, and even less time for thinking about any even slightly creative posts…sorry about that.

Still, I have  a backlog of 17 pieces I’ve read/skimmed lately from Inside Higher Ed.Why 17? Because that’s how many centuries it’s been since Patrick led the snakes off the cliff of Croagh Patrick (or something like that).

Come back and check them out when the weather is worse:

~Data can now predict student futures; another one on a similar project/topic is here

~On First Year Composition and civic/civil discourse

~Cheaters, cheaters, everywhere

~Philosophers advocate for one of their own: an Obit for a 20th century brain-giant

~Controversy at Columbia College: Reinvention redux?

~On post-tenure review

~Supporting seniors on campus (and why it’s good to have them around)

~On Student Success courses at community colleges

~On men teaching women-oriented courses

~DePaul’s Transfer Partnership Program with CCC and others

~A guide to doing research at the Newberry Library

~Academic Assistance Research: If the students who need it most don’t use it, should it be mandatory?

~It’s not the massive course delivery, it’s the badges that will change everything

~The President of the MLA on adjuncts and their summit

~Playing with students

~Term papers versus blogs; another one on research papers here

~A new book on Hip-Hop and college students



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