Harold Lounge Braggin’ Rights Bracket Contest Update

I told ya I’d have updates whenever possible. The standings as of 10:39pm today:

Rank Team Name Score Correct Best Score Best Correct Champion
1 Michael Russell 46 34 170 48 North Carolina  (141)
2 Chris Sabino 42 32 154 44 Ohio St.  (123)
2 Don Laackman 42 32 154 44 Kentucky  (135)
2 Kamran Swanson 42 32 142 42 Kansas  (160)
5 David Richardson 38 28 94 37 Missouri  (137)
6 Jivin Jenny 35 27 143 38 Kentucky  (135)
7 Anthony Escuadro 29 24 137 35 Kentucky  (139)
8 Chicago Realist 0 0 0 0  ()

Part of me wants to think there’s an error somewhere. Part of me believes there ain’t no errors, just some bad picks. (That’s right, I can trash talk ’cause a)anyone can, and b)I’m all the way at the bottom.

~Michael Russell – holding strong at No. 1, with that Mitt Romney smile. Yeah, baby.

~Chris Sabino – might have a hard time catchin’ up to Cinde-Russell story.

~Don -holdin’ nice and steady here; showin’ us how a leader goes about his business.

~K-man showin’ he can hang with the best (or is it the rest?)

~PhiloDave – pullin’ a Jeremy Lin on the other players. Came out strong but is now faddin’.

~JJ – Headin’ south, but not necessarily home.

~A-square (isn’t that how you spells it in spanish?) – The Santorum of the brackets.

~Realist – that makes me Gingrich. Just a side show for the masses.

When does it all end anyway?

2 thoughts on “Harold Lounge Braggin’ Rights Bracket Contest Update

  1. Realist — nothing Romneyesque, etch-a-sketch about my smile. If I’m the measure of March Madness acumen, then we should all smile (everybody, smile!), ’cause the underdog gotz to triumph sometime, even if he knows nothin’. Don’t be bitter! Sabino, Laackman, Swanson (but NOT Richardson) likely to pass me with their stellar Final-4 picks. Look forward to winning my 4-month, paid sabbatical. Who promised that!? Geez, why’d that North Carolina point guard go and break his wrist? Dang!

  2. Another thing, Realist…I can trash talk back. Who you callin’ Cinderfella, or whatever you’re sayin’. How about a “you’re doing great wellness guy,” or some other cheerful spin? BTW, who are you? -:)

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