Over the Transom

Some more stuff that came in this week:

~Adriana Tapanes-Inojosa sent this link on the relation of online classes and completion from the Chronicle;

~Matt Shevitz sent an email with a link to this piece from NPR’s Science Friday. He writes:

I heard this conversation about STEM and employment  on Friday on NPR. Very interesting stuff, especially considering everything that has been going on at CCC (with all due respect to Mike Davis). The most interesting part to me: one of the interviewees emphasized that an education that includes STEM does not have to lead to employment in one of the areas directly related to it. Rather, the skills acquired (qualitative and quantitative reasoning and analysis, for instance), are beneficial no matter what job someone holds.

Sounds like the same approach for justifying for the arts in education…..Once again proving that everything has value (even underwater basket-weaving).

~And John Hader sent in a link to this piece on the Great Books Curriculum and Community Colleges.

h/t’s to all three!

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