4th Annual Union Scholarship Fundraiser Reminder

The annual fundraiser for the Albert/Soglin McBride Scholarship is THIS SUNDAY at Anna’s Asian Bistro (813 W. Lake Street). Good times and a good cause…

Fourth Annual Union Fundraiser
Also, please note that we will have a fundraiser on March 25 at Anna’s Asian Bistro. Contact Teresita Diaz-Lewis in room 402, Nancy Sullivan in 203-A, or Jesú Estrada in 629 for a ticket. Non-Union members may attend.
Jesú asked me to spread the word that:
A) they WILL be selling tickets at the door (so if you don’t have a ticket yet, but want to go, then you SHOULD! You won’t be turned away as long as you have money in hand); and
B) if you can’t go, you CAN donate. Just find one of the people listed above and give them some money.

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