I have a friend who teaches at College of DuPage, and this troubles me. This seems like a situation worth following. . .

Silicon & Silver

The faculty at College of DuPage is under attack. After 13 months of stagnant negotiations, the full-time faculty at COD do not have a contract. Moreover, the administration has started a very public smear campaign (primarily on the COD website that is paid for with public tax dollars)  that is designed to create negative impressions of what faculty do and what they are compensated for. The administration has a whole office full of “spin-doctors” who are trying to paint a picture of faculty that simply isn’t true. Many of the “facts” that they are publishing are either blatant falsehoods or are only part of the story.

Photography faculty member Glenn Hansen is the president of the COD faculty association and is doing his best to put the basic facts out there in a clear and undistorted way. What’s interesting is that the administration keeps saying “The College” in reference to…

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