Over but Not Forgotten- The Results of the Harold Lounge Tourney Challenge

Sorry this took so long to post but I know many of you are VERY INTERESTED in the final tally.

First Place was decisively claimed by Don Laackman who had a score of 126 with 41 correct picks (As you might recall, Don finished dead last in his inaugural 2011 appearance). Congrats on a remarkable bracket and a great turn-around from last year. Nicely done!

Second Place was happily claimed by Jivin Jenny with a score of 123 and 36 correct picks! JJ was second to last in 2011 and is happy to take second place to someone with the wisdom to pick Kentucky as the NCAA National Championship, the 8th for the University of KY.

Third place went to Anthony Escuadro with a score of 117 and 33 correct picks who also wisely chose Kentucky as the overall winner.

Fourth place claimed by Chris Sabino with a score of 94 and 40 correct pics. Sadly Chris chose Ohio St. as his winner.

Fifth place went to Michael Russell who was an early favorite in the competition. At the end of the tourney, Russell had a score of 86 with 42 correct picks and North Carolina as his champion.

Sixth place went to Kamran Swanson (who may or may not exist) with a score of 78 and 37 correct picks. He chose Kansas as his champion.

Finally, seventh place is awarded to David Richardson. Dave had a score of 66 with 34 correct picks. He was out pretty early when his champion Missouri went down early in the tourney. However, he felt great happiness when Lehigh defeated the evil Duke Blue Devils in the first round of the tourney, so not all was a loss.

Great tourney with lots of fun games. The conclusion happened over spring break which I am sure why the Realist did not make the final report. Seven months until college bball starts again, now there is the super long baseball season to be endured….

5 thoughts on “Over but Not Forgotten- The Results of the Harold Lounge Tourney Challenge

  1. I kind of like ya’ll; clearly it’s the contraction of “ya” and “all” which reads a bit more authentically southern to me (not making fun).*

    Thanks, Jenny. The Realist and I talked about getting an update done on Thursday, but neither of us managed it. The funniest part (for me) is that until I got to the last paragraph, I thought I was reading the Realist’s update, so when I got there I had to scroll back up to see who wrote it.

    That totally made my day.

    *I just realized, while going through last week’s emails, that the first part pertains to an EMAIL that Jenny sent about Faculty Council business, rather than this post and so it will only make sense to about six other people. I’d explain, but I’m sure no one is interested. If you are interested, please let me know and if I think you’re cool, I’ll explain the context and then change my mind about your coolness. The primary lesson here, though, is that “Reading is FUNdamental.”

  2. I wondered but hey, nothing wrong with “ya’ll”.

    Are you planning on awarding Don with hunting socks or some such “trophy”? I would like a picture!

    • Of course! Kentucky Blue, if I can find any…

      And, per tradition, second place gets some random collection of items from one of my desk drawers. Third place gets what remains of my halloween candy.

      I was hoping to get to Cabela’s this weekend, but it didn’t happen. When I have the prizes in hand, and can plan a date for the conferral ceremony, I’ll let you know. I owe Sabino some socks, too (and Escuadro some pens), from last year, but I’m sure they’re not holding their breath at this point.

      • All of my socks have holes in them. I’ve been waiting on my earned pair. I shouldn’t be able to put my sock on in 2 different ways.

  3. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Speechfromtheblock for your report!
    Yep, you were right, I was on break and did not create the post.

    Here’s what I would have posted:
    ~Well, well, well… Didn’t I say I was puttin’ all of my play money on Don’s picks? Guess I did the right thang. Way to go Don! (Dave, get him some Cubbie Blue sock. Of course they’ll clash with the orange tie, but when you’ve won it all, you’ve earned the right to show off them nice colors)
    ~Jivin Jenny – you done good. You came, almost, out of nowhere. If not for Don joining us (of which I was glad to see) you’d have taken the big prize home this year. Err, there is a big prize, right?
    The rest of y’all, all I got’s to say is… next year. That’s right. Next year. Y’all got all dressed up for the big dance but forgot the address to the ballroom.
    ~Anthony, grieve it.
    ~Chris, you still have CAST. (How’s junior doin’?)
    ~Michael, from Cinderfella to seeyalater. The Wellness Center is there for a reason.
    ~Kamran, ponder the meaning of winning. Then ponder the meaning of winning a pair of socks. You didn’t miss out on much. (How’d you do with that term paper?)
    ~David, David, David. If not for me being on that list, you’d be last. Wait, I told y’all I wasn’t playin’. Guess you were last. Dang! At least you’ve experienced the bottom and will be able to relate to that South Side minor league baseball team masquerading as an MLB team. (I feel bad – only for Ventura)

    Kids, it was fun. Thanks again Speechfromtheblock for this post! I expect you to take it all next year.

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