Over the Transom

People have sent me this stuff for posting, and I’m most happy to oblige because it’s all good stuff:

Adriana Tapanes-Inojosa sent:

~One for the Tenure Track and Adjunct people about service to the college and that balance between too much so that you can’t do your work and too little so that you are not a contributor to the college life.

~One on common core standards and their assessment (and how both challenge American educational “intuitions”

~A link to this report from the Department of Education on Arts Education (hint: it’s dismal out there), which also led me to this blog that has a lot of great stuff and to finding out that tomorrow, in addition to being tax day, is also Arts Advocacy Day.

Michael Heathfield sent:

~This look at a new book on the pay and purchasing power of the professoriate as compared globally.

~And this one on the (since suspended) proposal in California to have multi-tiered tuition, charging more for high demand classes. Michael writes, “One aspect of the business model in education==that we need to avoid like the plague! From what I see of our new registration process, we still believe in equality of access – just more sensibly geared to our newer completion agenda…

And my dad sent this one about the wild and wooly world of college chess.

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