Website Wednesday

Alright, alright, so it’s been a strange last few couple of days amid an already strange semester (nothing like an award to make one’s productivity go straight into the dumper), so in keeping with the rather sparse offerings on the Lounge over the last few weeks (the grading is killing me!), I have  a(nother) pretty lame offering for today because I couldn’t manage (again) to find the space to look through my sources for some good stuff. Still, two lame-ish offerings is almost like one good one, right? Alright, so lame might be a little strong–they’re both legit, it’s just that they aren’t likely to bedazzle, in my humble. Anyway, here goes.

The first one is the Web site for HASTAC, which stands for Humanities, Arts, Science, Technology Advanced Collaboratory. I’ve posted some stuff of their stuff before, namely a speech from their conference by the same woman who authored this post titled, “Single Best Way to Transform Classrooms of Any Size,” with which I agree 100%. That’s not the only great thing there, though, so poke around a bit. It’s worth it.

Second, I found this Community College Spotlight blog, published by The Hechinger Report (no idea what that is). Lots of studies, timely reports, and a solid blogroll, too. It might be something you want to bookmark. Alternatively, if anyone wants me to, I’ll put it on our blogroll.

But only if someone wants it. Let me know.

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