Tuesday Teaching Talk (TTT)

Tuesday Teaching Talk is a regular feature which, as the name implies, is an opportunity to talk explicitly about teaching (and learning) in the practical and philosophical sense that happens on, you guessed it, Tuesday. Hold on to your hats.  The CAST coordinators (yes there are 2 of us) are tasked with supplying TTTs to you.  Look for questions, videos, tips, etc.  Enjoy!

The semester is near its conclusion.  Have you hit the wall (like a marathon runner) or are you more geared up than the start?  Enough of my questions, how about you ask some.  For FDW this year, we’re toying with the idea of having an session in which we answer our burning questions about teaching at HW (and CCC) and hopefully have them answered by one another or an expert.  Here’s one to get the ball rolling. 

When a student repeats a course after getting a D or F, does the new (presumably better) grade trump (for GPA calculation purposes) the old grade or do both factor into the final GPA?

Post yours here so we can include them in this session.  Of course, if someone knows the answer, he or she is more than welcome to answer here.  Thanks and remember that today’s the last CAST meeting of the semester in 1046 and next Thursday will be the last CASTivity, occurring off-campus.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaching Talk (TTT)

  1. According to the Student Policy Manual, p. 28:

    Cumulative Grade Point Average
    Cumulative grade point average (GPA) is calculated on the basis of all grades, “A” through “F”, earned in college
    courses within the student’s current career at the City Colleges of Chicago. GPA will not be calculated for classes
    taken outside the student’s current career until the student formally enters the other career. If a student repeats a
    course in which a grade of “D” or “F” was received, only the last grade earned will be counted in the grade point
    average although both grades will appear on the permanent academic record. All grades earned in allowed
    repeatable courses will be calculated in a student’s GPA. Transfer credit, Credit for Prior Learning, and Military
    Credit are not calculated into the cumulative grade point average (although they may apply towards graduation).

    So, according to the way I read this, the repeated (better) grade is what counts in calculating GPA.

    • Thanks Chris. I don’t know why I find this to be so counter-intuitive. I often tell students exactly this but am still filled with doubt, mathematically at least.

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