Website Wednesday: CCC Edition

With consent from blogmaster PhiloDave, this is a special edition of Website Wednesday that will appear from time to time over the course of the semester. The focus will be on our [somewhat] newly designed [and Audrey-modified]  HWC website, and the CCC website, in an effort to give the folks at District some feedback on what we believe to be working or not working with the sites.

Cheese Whiz! I forgot to post this last week at the regularly scheduled time (and Dave thought he was behind schedule).

Alrighty then, better late than later.

Feel free to give your two-cents on things you’d like to see stay or go away on our official college and district sites OR…, OR…

Got any outstanding issues with the migration to Microsoft email accounts? Is it workin’ for ya? Did any peep tune into the online training session? Was it helpful?

I’ve found some pros (I can actually use Outlook now-the Calendar is nice. Ditto with the Tasks.) and cons (browsing to Microsoft Ofice 365 is a two-step process – first you go to, then you are redirected to the CCC version of the Office 365 sign-in – UGH! GIVE. ME. A. BREAK!).

What say you peeps? What’s the good, or the bad (as in terrible or awesome-spin it any way you want), or the ugly?

Anonymity encouraged.

3 thoughts on “Website Wednesday: CCC Edition

  1. If you bookmark the rerouted e-mail page, you can avoid the frustration of logging in twice or just use the desktop version rather than the web-based one. Speaking of the web-based version, I was ready to throw it out the windows that don’t open last week. It constantly freezes up on my otherwise reliable mac when I attempt to access the address book and send to groups (like all faculty). The desktop one seems to run much more nicely.

  2. Of course, all Outlook issues can be avoided by forwarding e-mails to gmail. This requires creating a rule in Outlook to do just that. So far, so good.

  3. Bless you, Realist. Thanks.

    I just remembered last night that I forgot to put this up for April last week and then woke up early today to put up a lame version and there it was. That’s a great feeling.

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