The Name Game (or Lame Game) in honor of Dave

What I am about to share with you may seem goofy, silly, cheesy, or (you give it a name). It’s a game we, the members of Camp Realist, have played for some time now. I’m not sure how it got started (or why, for that matter), but it evolved to this, fundamentally speaking:

You take a person’s name and then you ask a silly question wherein the answer rhymes with said person’s name. Today’s name is DAVE. (David is acceptable. PhiloDave if you’re up for the challenge!) It goes like this:

Silly question – What did faculty say about Dave at the Banquet today?
Rhyming answer – He was… the RAVE!

Ok, one more example.

Silly question – What did the student who was submitting a late assignment for Dave‘s class tell his secretary?
Rhyming answer – I CRAVE Dave!

See, the question can be silly; and at Camp Realist they become more irrational as the game goes on. Same for the answers. Bonus points of you can come up with a variation that meets the fundamental rules. Literal creativity or Nonsense at it’s finest. Play first, then you be the judge.

So, in honor of Dave (or any other alias he goes by these days) gettin’ that nice big recognition today at the Union Banquet, go ahead and play if you’d like. Or stop by tomorrow if  today’s festivities will produce better material.

Have a good time!

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