Graduation News

Dean Blair says to show up, dressed in your graduation gear at 12:30 in the UIC Forum parking garage (nearest to the Racine stop on the Blue Line; get off there and walk east and then south).

Someone will start marching at 1:30 (HW will be the last to enter, though, so we probably won’t be marching then), the ceremony starts at 2pm, and, I’m told, they’re hoping to be done by 5pm.

The weather looks temperate, but maybe a little rainish.

4 thoughts on “Graduation News

  1. No contest this year?
    Anypeep know who will be the main speaker? (Rahm?)
    Anypeep takin’ guesses as to how many graduates will stick around ’til the end? (A Hundred or so? Am I too high?)

  2. Thanks.
    Did anyone get an email about this? Apparently I’m not on the faculty email list or something.

    • Pretty sure there wasn’t one this year. No idea why not.

      I got one with specific instructions for the Distinguished Professor but I don’t think anything else went out.

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