End of the Year Wrap Up and Summer Bucket List

Well, then, I guess that’s about it for another one, even as the last of the grade appeals trickle in and the filing and clean up and responses to unreturned emails get done (or not), I just wanted to say thanks again for another interesting iteration of the ongoing experiment.

Per usual, I’ll be leaving the Lounge for the summer, but I’ll leave the door open to any and all who would like to use it. It appears that The Realist has some plans, which is cool, and since I’m teaching this summer, I may have a random post or two with readings for the beach that piled up during the semester and year.

The regular features (or at least some of them) will return, officially, on the evening of August 5th just before DWFDW. Until then, be safe, have fun, and remember, in the words of Dante, “By following your star/You cannot fail to reach a glorious Port”.

Enjoy your summer’s journey, and I’ll see you in the August, if not before.

In the meantime, use the comments to post any and all suggestions for all of the things that everyone should be sure to do this summer (I posted some last year, but I’m always looking for more). I’d definitely add the free Monday concert series, the Beach (especially the new 31st Street development), Whealan Pool or Mystic Waters for some extra special swimming, Blues Fest (Mavis on Sunday Night!!), taking a Metra ride to the Indiana Dunes, or the ChooChoo Diner or the track (still my favorite way to spend a summer day (with or without kids), along with the usual–biking, fishing, hitting things (my kids call this place Whackerville)–and on rainy day’s you might find me and my people at Sky High, which is awesome.

Any and all additional suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Post ’em in the comments.

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