Monday Music – Summer Contest

For this 2012 Summer Edition of Monday Music, I thought we could have some fun. I’ll post some selections and y’all tell me what they have in common. You’ll have more (and better) opportunities to guess right as the weeks progress. If the answer comes forward, then pat yourself on the back, and I’ll be done. Perhaps I’ll slip a gift in your mailbox when I return in the Fall. The only rule is that you be exact with your guess. None of this coulda, woulda, shoulda answers. Be direct and to the point to earn your place in the history of The Lounge contests.

As promised, Monday Music comes to you this week on Tuesday, out of respect for yesterday’s holiday. Back to a regular schedule next week and thereafter. You now have a couple of clues. Take a guess and I’ll let ya know if you’re hot or cold, ‘kay?

Here’s the second musical clue/selection:

6 thoughts on “Monday Music – Summer Contest

  1. Based on the tag, maybe the songs have to do with the impending budget decisions.

    • Cold. Like the weather these past couple of days. More clues coming.

    • Coulda been it, but then clue three came along. Cold, but keep guessing.

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