Saturday Sports

It’s summer break. I’ll try to dedicate this weekly weekend summer post to any and all sports talk – local, national, or global. Have your say about the week that passed or the week ahead.

Care to talk about the Cubs. They’ve got nowhere to go but up. (True fans are those that don’t quit on their team.)

Sox? They’re in first, but for how long. (Why is attendance down at the Mall Park? Are Sox fans lost or not interested?)

NBA? Will the Heat choke? Again?

NHL? Will the Kings take the Cup? Would this be a first for an 8th seed?

Futbol? Notice, I didn’t write “Soccer”. What’s the good word, Marta?

Horse racing? I’ll Have Another. Triple Crown possibility. Exciting. What say you, PhiloDave?

If I missed any sporting event, let me know and I’ll include it in the next Saturday Sports post.

Have a fantastic and playful weekend!

4 thoughts on “Saturday Sports

  1. The last time the Sox won 9 in a row was 2005 and y’all know what happened.

    • Cub fans don’t remember 2005.
      I didn’t mind the theme song. You go on and keep believin’, Hellokitty.
      Get your fans to show up to some of these games.

  2. Still getting over the sad Chelsea-Bayern Champions League final. Eurocup begins Friday. Don´t miss Germany-Portugal on Saturday and Spain-Italy on Sunday. No tv needed, espn online.

    • Sorry to hear the sad news. Cub fans can empathize. Not that they’ve been to a Championship final recently. Oh well. (Stay away Sox fans, don’t pour salt on this open wound.)

      In any case, I’ve seen the ads for the Eurocup. I’ll do my best to watch online.
      Futbol fans (and all sports fans for that matter), go here:
      A little somethin’ for everyone to enjoy.

      Thanks Marta!

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