Monday Music – Summer Contest

For this 2012 Summer Edition of Monday Music, I thought we could have some fun. I’ll post some selections and y’all tell me what they have in common. You’ll have more (and better) opportunities to guess right as the weeks progress. If the answer comes forward, then pat yourself on the back, and I’ll be done. Perhaps I’ll slip a gift in your mailbox when I return in the Fall. The only rule is that you be exact with your guess. None of this coulda, woulda, shoulda answers. Be direct and to the point to earn your place in the history of The Lounge contests.

Back to the regular schedule. More clues. Question is, will you get the answer before you get all the clues?

Thanks for playing!

Here’s the third musical clue/selection:

7 thoughts on “Monday Music – Summer Contest

  1. I was going to guess Autotune, but I think Taylor Swift can sing a little (certainly enough for this one) without the help, so I’ll go with “What’s new is really old” (i.e., ‘there is nothing new under the sun’).

    • Hmm… Autotune was direct. To the point. Sorry, not the answer.
      “What’s new is really old” is more of a statement. I’ll have to say cold.

      Let’s go kids, I’m rooting for all of you to guess this so I don’t have to go the distance.

        • HA!
          True statement, but too, too, too generic. Heck that statement can apply to anythink. (coined word, thank you very munch. anything+you+think=anythink)
          Best to be too specific.
          Sorry ’bout that.

  2. Attempt #2 (truth be told, I’m having trouble making it fit perfectly with Kesha but here goes. More truth, this will drive me crazy. I can never let a problem go unsolved. It haunts me. This is an occupational hazard so thanks Realist for giving me some summer unrest): Love, but a strained love, like the love that goes into teaching. Often one-sided, sometimes abusive or even tragic, but we still do it, with excitement no less. Where does Kesha fit? Maybe here. “DJ, you build me up; you break me down; my heart, it pounds
    yeah, you got me.”

    • I like the philosophical approach. I know what you mean about unsolved problems. I have repressed a handful just so I could get on with life.
      Um, regarding your guesses, I will say this: When this contest ends, I will have a word to say about our students (oops, is that a bonus clue?).
      Right now though, I’ll say cold but wanting to get warm, like our weather of late.
      Would you rather I had posted a math problem like that faculty member in Good Will Hunting?


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