United We Stand

Unless you’ve been under a tree (getting some much needed rest) or under a stack of papers (trying to get yourself to that tree) these past few weeks, you should be familiar with the ongoing news about CPS and the CTU contract. Here’s one of the latest stories regarding the vote to strike or not.

Per the article, the reason the teachers are taking this vote now (to authorize a strike)  is to make sure they take care of business before classes end next week. They need an undemocratic 75% of union members to agree. (So much for majority rules.)

That’s this week’s story. I don’t know what either side will say next week. It doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on these activities since we’re up for negotiations next year.

If you know a CPS teacher, care to share what have they told you? Are you in support of what the union is doing?

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