Saturday Sports

It’s summer break. I’ll try to dedicate this weekly weekend summer post to any and all sports talk – local, national, or global. Have your say about the week that passed or the week ahead.

Now including Sunday games too!

Cubs are playing the Red Sox in gorgeous green Wrigley Field. Come for the beer, stay for the nachos. See a team win.

Sox are playing the Dodgers in LA. At least they’re in a real ballpark. Hee, hee.

Thunder and the Heat are going at it. No-Choke Lebron came to play in Game 2. Will he be around in Game 3? Are the Heat too old for this?

The Kings took the Cup. It took an ex-Hawk to get them to this final destination.

The EURO 2012 matches have been a good watch online.

The Sky has a game on Saturday and they’ve gotten off to a great start (7-1).

The Rush, anypeep?

Did I miss anything, armchair athletes?

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