FDW 2012

In case you missed the e-mail.  Here it is in all its glory.  Enjoy!  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail either of your CAST coordinators (Chris: csabino@ccc.edu or Gitte: gmaronde@ccc.edu).


CAST is in the final stages of putting everything together for the local portion Faculty Development Week (FDW) 2012 which will take place Wed. Aug. 8 through Fri. Aug. 10.  Follow this link to see the most recent manifestation of the schedule.  Note that there may be some changes between now and then, but at least you get a taste of what you can expect.  Here are a few quick logistics to help you understand the time commitment during those days as well as a few requests for help.

1) Each day’s events will begin at 9 with sign-in/meet-and-greet at 8:30.  There may be coffee but food will be BYO, sadly.

2)  There is an hour and a half allotted Thursday afternoon (1:30-3) for department activities.  This is a change from the original draft schedule.  Also, the ending time of Friday is technically 12:30 (that’s the start of the International Potluck) so departments could meet Friday afternoon as well.  Of course, departments are more than welcome to meet at 6 am any day during the week. 🙂

3) As was stated in the previous e-mail, Wednesday=Pedagogy, Thursday=Supports, Friday=a little of both

1) We’re having an International potluck lunch on Friday.  We need volunteers to bring in a dish(es) for it.  If you are willing and able, please reply to this e-mail.  Thanks to those who already volunteered to bring something in.  We think it’s going to be great.

2) On Wednesday, there is a slot (F on the spreadsheet) during each breakout session time that is more free-form.  The idea is for these sessions to be a chance to discuss very practical everyday classroom topics.  The topics are i) facilitating a discussion, ii) engaging a class in group work, iii) using technology in teaching and iv) general nitty gritty of an average class session (starting class, routines, etc.).  We’re looking for moderators for these sessions.  While Gitte and I would be happy to do so, we thought it’d be great to have some others help out.  You needn’t be an expert in the topic.  You’d simply be asked to moderate.  We’d provide guiding questions and prompts just in case.  Please reply if this is something that you’d be willing to do. 

That’s all for now.  I hope to hear from you all soon and am excited (but definitely not in a rush to see the summer end) to see everyone on Aug. 6 at Malcolm or at least Aug. 8 at HW.

Chris and Gitte
CAST coordinators
Mathematics and ELL/WL respectively

P.S.  Adjuncts: Though you are not required to attend, we’d love to see you there.  We’re currently checking into pay for attending at the very least the orientation.

P.P.S. Everyone: If you attended a workshop or conference this summer and are dying to talk about it, we’d be happy to add a session for you during FDW or if you prefer, you could share what you learned at a future CASTivity. Just let us know at any time.

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