Monday Music – Summer Contest

For this 2012 Summer Edition of Monday Music, I thought we could have some fun. I’ll post some selections and y’all tell me what they have in common. You’ll have more (and better) opportunities to guess right as the weeks progress. If the answer comes forward, then pat yourself on the back, and I’ll be done. Perhaps I’ll slip a gift in your mailbox when I return in the Fall. The only rule is that you be exact with your guess. None of this coulda, woulda, shoulda answers. Be direct and to the point to earn your place in the history of The Lounge contests.

Final posting for this summer contest. I may have a couple more musical selections to offer before we return to the classrooms in August but they will not be connected to this contest.

Now you’ve either been outside enjoying summer and that’s why the guesses have been as frequent as the rainfall, or this here contest is just too darn hard to crack. Yeah, I’ll fool myself and assume the latter.

This is it. Here’s the tenth musical clue/selection:

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