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Next up! is a regular feature on Sundays, showcasing HWC (and beyond) events in the coming week. Use the “Comments” section to provide updates and additions!

As hard as it may be to believe, the wheel of time has made its way around again to point to Fall and the beginning of the school year. Welcome back! Like every new school year, some things remain the same, including the inevitable changes–some subtle, some not, in you them, everything around us. “All things pass and nothing stays the same.

Monday, 8/6: DWFDW @ Malcolm X, 9am-3pm (Mandatory, unless it isn’t);

Tuesday, 8/7: DWFDW @ Malcolm X, 9am-3pm (Mandatory? Optional? Recommended? Our new VP’s letter says “Faculty are required to report on August 6th,” which is a little ambiguous regarding our reporting obligations for the rest of the week. Anybody know the story?);

Wednesday, 8/8: HWFDW @ Harold, 9am-3pm (Sponsored by CAST);

Thursday, 8/9: HWFDW @ Harold, 9am-3pm (Sponsored by CAST);

Friday, 8/10: HWFDW @ Harold, 9am-3pm (Sponsored by CAST);

Saturday, 8/11: Business as usual as far as I know.

(One last question…last year we were required to attend five sessions of local FDW to fulfill our PD obligations. This year, I’ve seen no guidance on requirements, except the implied mandatoriness of it all and the Union letter. Anybody hear anything on this topic?)

8 thoughts on “Next Up!

  1. According to the contract and our dean, we are required to attend 30 hours for the week. If you do the math, then we spent around 14 hours at MXC on Monday and Tuesday, leaving 16 for Wednesday through Friday. Each day, Wed-Fri., runs from 9-3.

    • Interesting. I read that section of the contract to be a little more ambiguous than that (from section VIII.H.1):

      “H. Registration Duties, Professional Development and End-of-semester Activities.
      1. Registration Duties. Registration shall last no longer than one week at all Colleges. Faculty who select Saturday or week-end classes shall be present on the days that registration is held for these classes, but will not be required to be present in registration for more than five days a week. Duties of faculty members during the registration period shall consist of advisement, programming and other professionally related duties. After classes start, registration shall be handled exclusively by the administrative staff and Department Chairpersons. A faculty member shall be assigned to no more than six hours of advisement, programming or other professional activities per day during registration except that a faculty member teaching beyond the normal course load may be assigned an additional six hours per week for each three hour credit course taught above his normal course load. The time of any faculty member during the period of registration not required for registration duties shall be utilized for professional development in the form of academic meetings and conferences, student orientation activities, departmental meetings, inter-departmental meetings and other appropriate professional activities.”

      • I read this as meaning 30 hours for each week leading to the start of the semester with an addition 12 hours for those with 3 hours overtime. Of course, there are a lot of “mays” in here.

  2. I like the new layout! However, I notice that the posts’ authors are no longer listed. Is this an intentional change as a move toward mandatory anonymity for all posters? Or is this simply a quirky feature of this particular wordpress “theme?”

    I hope it is the latter, and that posts will include author names in the future. Though I understand the occasional use of anonymous or pseudonymous posts, I can’t help but feel that the increasing tend toward universal anonymity on this blog is an effect, or cause (or both), of things gone awry.

    • Hmm…Yes. That’s a problem I hadn’t noticed. I want author’s names on there, too…I’ll see if that can be fixed…Good catch.

      • I don’t like this look as much as the one I had up this morning, but it solves the author problem, anyway…How’s it look otherwise?

        • I agree- the one you had earlier today was classier. If I knew more about programming, we could probably have both authors’ names and the chosen theme.

          • The other one was called Quintus (I think) if you happen to find a programmer looking for something to do.

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