Marta is…

gone? What the…?

Our fun loving, perpetually-close-but-not-quite-exasperated, Barça enthusiast, spreader of joy and language knowledge has, like Elvis, left the building, I’m told…

I’m very sorry to hear it. Share some love for Marta, people!

(and Marta, I wish you nothing but love and joy and Messi. Good luck kiddo. Drop by anytime! And let us know who is lucky enough to get you…)

10 thoughts on “Marta is…

    • I think this maybe isn’t the place for that (not ironic)…it was my hope to start a forum for people to send her off well.

      The details might be shared and gathered in other settings…

      • (By that I mean that I completely understand the question and have some of my own, but I don’t want (or want anyone other than Marta) to post Marta’s laundry all over the Intertoobz…Maybe talking to Marta (or her colleagues) about it in person would be better?)

        • Completely understand, PhiloDave. There is no need to go there in this public forum. Respect the faculty member.

  1. I don’t know all details, but it is tragic if not inhuman how she was treated by our institution.

  2. Marta, you are an absolute rock star. You have been a great colleague, an inspirational instructor and a great example of grace under pressure. Best wishes and I am sorry that you did not get the support you so richly deserved. I know you will land in a happier place but you will be missed.

  3. Marta, you are tops! It really galls me that this happened to such a dedicated colleague. I wish you great fortune. We will all miss you!

    • Marta,

      When students are asking where you are, ugh……is all I can say…..

      I am lonely without you.

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