The Frame

Well, however it goes from here, I hope you voted.

If you’d like to see how the proposal is being framed for the rest of the world (i.e., what we’re accepting or rejecting according to the local “journalists”), you can read THIS, from the Sun-Times, entitled: “Could City Colleges contract provide framework for a CPS deal?”

Chicago City Colleges teachers would get a ten percent pay raise over five years, phase out step increases for experience and phase in merit pay based on student outcomes, under a new contract that could provide the framework for an agreement with Chicago Public School teachers poised to strike Sept. 10.

Although the current contract has nearly a year to run, City Colleges Chancellor Cheryl Hyman pushed for an early agreement that could have the dual benefit of boosting student outcomes at City Colleges and strengthening Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s hand in difficult negotiations with Chicago teachers.

The rest is is notable (in my eyes) for the total lack of a non-administrative/city hall voice. There’s not even a mention of an attempt to try to contact Perry or Local 1600.  Such blatant shilling for the powers-that-be by someone purportedly providing an objective report on the news would be funny if it weren’t so destructive. “City Hall Reporter” apparently means “reporting what City Hall (or an associated institution) says without questioning any of it.”   Amazing.

And how was our union leadership not on the phone calling Ms. Spielman yesterday? I mean, were they? I’d think they’d have rated a mention if they were…(sigh).

Back to my grading.

h/t to Jen for the pointer (from the comments).

PS: This was edited slightly from the original version to close a parenthetical clause, in the course of which, I added a couple of thoughts that have been rattling around in my head since I posted it.

PPS: Please note that the comments above refer to the version of the article that appeared Saturday morning (online and in print), before it was updated to include information about the Union news release later in the afternoon.

15 thoughts on “The Frame

  1. Interestingly, when I went to vote today the union official at the ballot box tried to influence my vote by reminding me that I get to remain faculty under this contract. Sad to see that this will be used to throw CTU under the bus.

      • To whomever it is who downrated the second one…well played! That made me laugh.

        And to Todd, I found this inscription in a book my beloved bought on Friday; it’s from Ray Bradbury:

        “Let’s imagine there’s an earthquake tomorrow in the average university town. If only two buildings remained intact at the end of the earthquake, what would they have to be in order to rebuild everything that had been lost? Number one would be the medical building, because you need that to help people survive, to heal injuries and sickness. The other building would be the library. All the other buildings are contained in that one. Reading is at the center of our lives. …Without the library you have no civilization.”

        I saw that and thought of y’all. Of course y’all are teaching faculty. Of course.

    • From the Trib story (thanks for the link, What?):

      “This is a fair and forward-looking contract that recognizes both our members’ contributions and needs, while strengthening our joint efforts to provide ever greater opportunities for our students,” Local 1600 president Perry Buckley said in a statement.

      What a bunch of BS, Perry. You came to HWC and told us “the contract sucks, but it’s the best we’ll get.”
      I am saddened, disgusted, and to a certain degree hurt by the hypocrisy, Perry. But you know what? I don’t think you care since you also told us you wouldn’t be running for re-election. Or was that just more BS you were feeding us?

  2. If this is true we should have heard it from Perry first. It’s sad that we would allow ourselves to be bullied and threatened into voting for a contract that is demeaning to faculty and the educational profession. I’m not blaming anything on those who voted yes. It was a tough and unfair choice we had to make, a choice between what’s right and what’s best for our families and our futures. No one wants a strike, but I wish our leadership and we had put up more of a fight. Cheryl is a bully. Rahm is a bully. They forced our hand by threatening our freedom and our livelihood. Shame on them.

    • I’m with you, Sad. I wish Perry would have told CCC that he needed to check with his local union leaders before saying anything. This was not a union decision. This was one man out to show a chancellor and a mayor, perhaps the latter more than the former, that he could and would use fear to sway a vote in the direction that pleased the politicos.

  3. Congratulations everyone on our new contract. We can now continue to do the great work that goes on at each of our campuses with relative peace and the knowledge that the jobs that we love are fairly secure for the foreseeable future. There has been a lot of negative rhetoric spewed forth by agitators with personal and political agendas on this site and elsewhere. Thankfully, the vast majority of faculty and professionals saw through all that and voted in, not only their own best interests, but also in the best interests of our students and our colleges. You see, we’re educators. We want to change the world just as much as the wannabe politicians and would be union presidents. However, we facilitate change, not by turning on our elected leaders, not by fiery speeches about pulling off flesh, not buy whispering campaigns and libelous personal attacks, but by striving, one student at a time, to help students better themselves through education. What you saw last week was a real contract campaign. A truthful, heartfelt effort by our dedicated union president to advise us on what he truly believed was the best course for us as union members and individuals. Thank God for Perry Buckley!If anyone is being used as a pawn it is those who urge us to constantly fight just for the sake of fighting with no practical goals or end games. The rudeness, vitriol, and the venom will likely continue and the great majority of us will continue to be amused by it and continue to ignore it.

  4. Anon, tomorrow we celebrate Labor Day. Please take a few moments and research why we celebrate this holiday. Your comments appear to bully and shame the members of our union who voted no on the proposed contract. I find this very offensive. It seems you are rubbing it in our nose that your “side'” won. What you do not realize is that there are no “sides”. We are all one body of educators who want the best working conditions for all, which will ultimately impact our students whom we all strive to benefit. From your comments, it is evident that the administration’s effort to bust our union has worked. I sincerely hope that others in our union are not ecstatic that they have “won”. Time will tell. We will all have to live with that contract.

  5. Found an interesting article in Inside Higher Ed. According to the article, here are the metrics that have replaced steps:

    The bonus pay will be given to all faculty members if the district achieves certain goals, and will not be awarded individually. “We’re calling it student success pay. It’s a group incentive,” he said.

    There are eight metrics, and partial bonuses may be earned if some but not all of the goals are met. The metrics involve:

    •The number of students who earn degrees or certificates.
    •The number of at-risk students earning degree or certificates.
    •The number of students who transfer to a four-year institution within three years of enrollment.
    •The number of remedial students who advance to college-level work.
    •The number of new full-time students who earn 30 credits in their first year.
    •The number of part-time students who earn 15 credits in their first year.
    •The percentage of former students who are employed in the fields for which they received training.
    •The median earnings of graduates in fields that they studied.

    Read more:
    Inside Higher Ed

  6. Does anyone know the actual vote total? Or, how many votes came from professors vs professionals? Just curious.

    • If you are a member of the HWC Chapter and didn’t get the email from Jesu, you should join the google group to get emails and announcements from the HWC Chapter officers and members. In any case, according to Jesu’s email, there were 400 votes from faculty and 276 votes from professionals. The breakdown in votes is as described in the various news stories/press releases (approved by 72% of the voting faculty, 80% of the voting professionals). I’m interested in the HWC tally and what percentage of the eligible votes from HWC were actually cast…still waiting on that information, if it ever comes.

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