Trash Talk Tuesday

Yes, I know. Today is Wednesday. Out of respect for the 11th of September, I thought it appropriate to delay this post by one day.

Yes, I also know the CTU strike is more important than this rubbish. ( I made the strike post sticky for now. Feel free to change it all, PhiloDave.)

However, I take my social committee responsibilities seriously on The Lounge and since we started a pool, followed by a good heapin’ of trash talk, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give y’all an update from time to time. (This will not be a weekly post, I don’t think.)

So here ya have it! Week 1 is officially over. Here are the leaders. (Best to start strong! Right, Jivin Jenny?)

Oh yeah, what’s that I said about the Packers? Not going undefeated? Yep, thought so. To all you Packer fans: Pass the whine and cheese, please…

4 thoughts on “Trash Talk Tuesday

  1. Week one is a crap shoot…mere dice rolling.

    Ignore the noise, watch for signals…

    (And I un-stickied your post Realist, not because I thought it was a bad idea, but because I was afraid people would miss the other stuff since it is not clear (in this format) that the post is stuck up there. Hopefully people will go back to it through the top posts to see the discussion that just started there. I like the idea, though. Sorry for undoing it.)

    • phD,
      On the sticky/unsticky, no need to be sorry. I told you it was your call. No problem. Glad to see more postings on the strike.
      On the picks, I’ll take that three point lead going into week 2, thank you very much.
      You may want to go with the Bears tomorrow. Just sayin’.

      • Sorry, what was that last part? I couldn’t hear you over the crying and gnashing of teeth…

        • It’s only week 2… mere dice rolling. Yeah, right.
          I had it coming, bring it on.
          What a disgusting game. The Bears put on a clinic on how to give a game away. Packers were fortunate to be on the receiving end.

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