September 2012 Board Report Highlights

Here’s my abbreviated and opinionated highlights of the September 2012 board report. I’ll try to give you the 3 minute drill:

August 2, 2012 Minutes
OIT Report – Looks like we may be getting an OIT monthly spending report from District. Actually, it looks like they’ve got Pace putting a spreadsheet together with a monthly update and a YTD total. Guess who spent the most in August? District. To the tune of $10,817.00. The Office of Information Technology (don’t know if that’s District or not) spent $415.00. HW spent $72.00. MX spent $340.00. All of the other colleges were goose eggs. The numbers should even out over the course of the academic year and I do believe the colleges should make up the bulk of the spending since they are the buildings serving the students.

Monthly Board Minutes – Looks like the official minutes. Stated who was in attendance. Lots o’ people from District, our FCP, the 1708 rep, and some other folks. One trustee was absent. No sign of Angela Henderson.
There was roll call. Meeting was called to order. Remarks from Chair Wolff. Faculty Council report. Chancellor gave an update. According to the minutes, we have a balanced budget without a need to raise taxes. Same ol’, same ol’ on the skewed graduation numbers. Alvin, no not the guy with the chipmunks, the Vice Chancellor of Strategy, Research and Organizational Effectiveness gave a presentation on enrollment data. Apparently it was well received. Then Laurent Pernot, Vice Chancellor of Institutional Advancement gave a report on the FY 2013 Registration, Recruitment and Marketing Campaign. I’ll save you the bullet points. If you’re like me, you’ve probably come to hate bullet points after this month’s fiasco, err, I mean, this months union vote.
There was a review of board agenda items, but not really ’cause they were reviewed prior to the review and the board was gathered to approve the review of the agenda items that preceded this review. Got it? Good.
August agenda items were approved.
Then there was a closed session. Sorry, but pursuant to open meetings act, this closed meeting is permissible. I’m sure it was important. Why else would it not be open?
Once the doors were reopened, the board meeting was an open and shut case. Motion to adjourn. The End.

CCC Distinguished Employees for 2011-2012 – The penultimate Distinguished Professors were officially recognized by the board. Yep, PhiloDave was on the list. So I guess all the hard work he was asked to do during graduation and treating him like hired help, instead of giving him a distinguished spot on stage and treating him like a distinguished prof, was worth his time. (BTW, I still hope Dave gets some mike time during State of the College. Unless they’re going to ask him to be an usher for the event, then I’ll understand.) Give Dave some more love when ya see him.

CCC got a couple of buses from CTA based on some TDL data, and part of the C2C program for the CDL training program at OH.
Straws were drawn during the closed door session to determine who would be the first to test drive the buses a-la-Speed-style.

Resolution to commend Jaime Guzman was withdrawn. It was later revealed that it was a mix-up with the Distinguished Professor resolution.

The resolution to approve the tentative agreement for a collective bargaining agreement between the board and local 1600 was passed. It was noted that it was approved as outlined in Exhibit A. Mind you, no actual contract language or details were apporved, simply the bullet points. I will not get into the details, I mean, the bullet points, but I would really like to know what was meant by that no strike clause.
It was later revealed that during the closed session the president of the union accepted the approval of the mayor by taking a knee and kissing the mayor’s ring of power located on the mayor’s right hand. In honor of the privilege, the union president agreed to burn all ballots that had arrived after the victorious press release of the contract agreement had been made official. The mayor then ordered the union president to rise and granted him the privilege of driving one of the newly acquired CTA buses. The mayor gave the union president the key to the bus. The union president reciprocated and handed over key strategies to a successful strike campaign. Political smiles were then exchanged.

Personnel Reports
I’m getting long winded, so check out who got an appointment and who played musical chairs at District Office.
There were a couple of faculty appointments.
A couple of lane advancements. Wait. What are lane advancements? Oh, right, they still have to abide by this contract.
Some special assignments for faculty.
Some more changes similar to the musical chairs, but not as bad.
Reinvention task force assignments. They’ve been tasked with reinventing the power source for the buses.
Leaves of absence, separations, and amendments round out that document.
The rest are all the assignments for faculty and continuing ed folks. No need to elaborate here.

Alrighty then. If I missed anything, let me know. That about sums it up.
Seriously though, take a look at that resolution on the contract. I can’t believe we didn’t pull a Karen Lewis and ask for more time to review the details. That’s right, there were no details! Say, can I grieve the fact that I only had a couple of days to really review the bullet points of a contract and that I wasn’t given a real contract to vote on? Huh? It’s like I paid for my meal at a restaurant and I didn’t even get to select my food from the menu.
At least District got to see the buses they purchased.

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