CAST Tuesdays and Office hours!

Check your e-mail about today’s CAST meeting (er session).  Actually, I’m not sure what to call our Tuesday get-togethers anymore.  They are part professional development, part meeting, all very exciting.  In case you missed the e-mail, here’s what you can expect at every CAST Tuesday in 1046 from here on out.

  • Learn a (new) teaching tip.
  • Learn about or use a (new) technology tool.
  • Share a current international, national, local or college issue that pertains to faculty and/or teaching.
  • Discuss a reading and/or an issue related to teaching.
  • Discuss and respond to one or 2 questions shared by participants.
  • Review and/or discuss current CAST news

So, if you’re around from 2-3 Tuesday (even for a fraction of that time), stop by and enjoy.  Visit our site for more info.


CAST Office Hours

Gitte and I had been toying with the idea of putting more on our plates, :), not really.  Starting today, I’ll be up in 1046 from 9-10, I’ll be in 1046 with a copy of the Tribune and some work.  I’ll be there to chat, answer any questions you may have (assuming I have the answers), maybe make coffee, and just hang out.  These will be CAST office hours (CAST OH for short because we love acronyms). I don’t know about you, but in the hours around my teaching and office hours, I often spend my time thinking about the bigger teaching picture and catching up on work.  In my office this doesn’t always happen.  1046 can be like a sanctuary, and many are using it for that purpose already.  This is just taking it to the next level, ongoing professional growth and building relationships across departments.  See you later.


P.S. Does anyone miss the TTT?  I don’t.  I’m making an executive decision (I’ll ask Gitte later though) to replace the Tuesday Teaching Talk with CAST updates or something like it.


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