Website Wednesday

Have you seen what Michael Russell and his cohort of Wellness Center managers and interns are up to at the Wellness Center Website?

You should.

And you should let your students know about it, too.

They’re posting stuff like time management tips, and other fun stuff, serious stuff, interesting stuff, useful stuff, relaxing stuff. It’s good stuff.  And they’re taking suggestions, too.

I’ve put the link in the blogroll so you can get there easily. And if you see Michael, let him know what you think of it. Personally, I can’t really believe how lucky we were (as a college and a system) to get Mike on our team. He does some amazing work.

Hope you check it out.


10 thoughts on “Website Wednesday

  1. I’ll second the good words about Mike and the Wellness Center. A handful of peeps at our sister colleges are not in favor of having a wellness center at their campus. Not sure why (I’ve got my suspicions, but no cold, hard facts) but I’m thankful for having the wellness center compliment and support student academic success.
    Keep up the good work, Cinderfella.

  2. BTW, I find it a real shame that CCC can’t figure out a way to pay for these college and district blogs. They are domain names that you purchase. It’s a simple process.
    Actually, I find it to be a bigger shame that no distric-level employee knows how to setup wordpress on the District servers and have the blogs run in-house. They do know wordpress is a free download, right?
    Everywhere I look, it’s

    Look at this list:

    I guess these folks want some level of autonomy? I dunno? Enlighten me ’cause it sure does seem like District don’t know how to seamlessly integrate this technology.

    • I can’t make any sense of this. You seem to be objecting that they aren’t paying for it and then objecting that they haven’t used the free download (which, by the by, I don’t think is free–the proprietary software that allows for total control and self management requires purchase. The free side, like we’re using, has an option for ‘purchasing’ the domain name, which eliminates the “wordpress” part of the address, but I can’t see any reason why they should do that as long as they have another site that’s easier to find that links to the other.

      I don’t get it. What am I missing?

      • Sorry I wasn’t clear.
        Here’s what I meant to say:
        I am objecting to that fact that District hasn’t figured out or accepted the use of blogs by teams at Reinvention, OIT, Wellness Center, and as of late, HWC Academic Affairs.
        I would think District would take the initiative to support these blogs and demonstrate acceptance of their existence. Perhaps by setting up WordPress as a vendor or by reimbursing the owners of the blogs so the domain name truncates wordpress.
        In other words, could Michael purchase out of his pocket and have district cut him a check for $20.00 each year to say thank you? Or could District pay on behalf of Michael (and say thank you)?
        If District can figure out how to unite all the college websites under one digital roof, couldn’t they do the same for all the college blogs?

        My other point was more of an option. It is possible for District to go to and download the software. Then, install the software on District servers so that all the blogs can be hosted by CCC. This also accomplishes the task of severing wordpress from the domain names.
        This link gives directions on how to have multiple blogs on your own computer:
        All you need is the software and a database. Preferably MySQL. I believe District has both.

        In general my point is that I’m seeing more blogs going live. Whether or not they are sanctioned by CCC, I don’t know. But because they contain so much CCC related info, I scratch my virtual head wondering, A) if a well-paid mice-chancellor just hasn’t realized this fact and forgetten to act on it, or B) perhaps the brain power at District isn’t as tech savy as they claim to be, or C) they don’t know these blogs are going live.

        I dunno. These blogs remind me of how each college started with their own domains and own identity. District was not tech savy so each college did their own thing. Then faculty started creating pages (without compensation) and District still didn’t do a thing ’cause they were still not tech savy.
        We lived like this until Microsoft became District’s bed partner (sorry Google, you were good, but not great I guess). Now we have a District site with all city colleges conforming to one look. For a corporation, err, I mean an institution, that promotes branding and corporate exposure, their actions are quite telling of their techno-ignorance. These blogs are great but they don’t scream ‘We are Chicago City Colleges’! They scream ‘I got a free blog ’cause my boss doesn’t realize what I’m doing’!
        Wouldn’t it be nice if the main CCC webpage had a blog roll menu dedicated to these terrific blogs?
        Is District waiting to be wined and dined by wordpress?
        Or is GradesFirst getting in the way?

        • Hmmm…I am still left to wonder why it would be good or necessary to buy the cow when the milk is free?

          Also, I think that the district office IS supporting a lot of those blogs and rolling them out (see the new one for Harold Washington that the office of Student Affairs is putting together). Maybe they can get reimbursed. I’m not sure they can’t.

          As for me and this one, I vastly prefer to have it OFF the CCC servers for a whole host of reasons starting with the fact that as it is now, only faculty can “see behind the curtain” as it were AND we are free to post and be critical without being insubordinate, as may be the case on a district owned and supported resource.

          This all started as a Faculty Council experiment to facilitate communication and it was set up to be free and clear of any and all non-faculty control.

          If they asked to host the Lounge, I would say no forever.

          I guess I still don’t see the problem…perhaps I’m just dense. Or reading too much Wittgenstein…

          • You are not dense. It’s my writing and the lack of clarity. Perhaps in a couple of years, these comments may make more sense.

            Hard to tell if District is supporting these blogs. Hard to tell if District is aware of these blogs rolling out.
            Here’s the dilemma I see.
            Assuming District is all for these blogs and recognizes they are going live, great. Shouldn’t they put their financial support behind it? If they are doing so, and I can’t confirm, I’d think they’d want to promote them as best as possible. Nowhere on the site is there a menu or link that allows me to go directly to these sites. They are springing up like the department websites did a few years ago (and I won’t get into the issues that raised).
            Since I don’t know if they are official blogs, how do I know the information is accurate? I’ve nothing against the new HWC Student Affairs blog, but if I read something on there, how do I know it’s for real? How do I know it’s official? Just because it has a logo?
            If I wanted to, I could create my very own site or even an site. There is nothing stopping me from grabbing some logos off the branding site and setting up my own shop. That’s where I see a problem.

            I guess my question with these CCC sites is ‘where’s the quality control?’
            Again, it’s not a big issue now, but come back to this post in a couple of years and you’ll see what I mean.

            As for this blog and Don’s, I would keep them separate. Don’t think I’m saying anything that has to do with CCC needs to be under their control. I’m with you in saying no forever.

            FORGOT TO STATE – You can install wordpress software at no charge. That’s a free cow and free milk.

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