And Then There Were Four…

There are now four people who know the identity of the Realist:

1. The Realist;

2. Me;

3. Discoverer #1;

4. Discoverer #2.

My favorite part? Both of the discoverers were philosophy majors in undergrad took a lot of philosophy classes in undergrad and used the same route to their discovery.

Talk among yourselves. While doing so, remember: Philosophy Rules!

9 thoughts on “And Then There Were Four…

  1. First, let me say congratulations to Discoverer #2 for your sleuthing! I’m glad you know. I left just enough of a dirt trail to be found, or so you’d think.
    Second, your philosophical skills will continue to assist you as we move forward.
    Third, careful reaching any definitive conclusions based on your sleuthing efforts (per phD’s words).

    Let me tell you a short story:
    There has been one very silent and, how shall I say, risk-taking protector, of my identity. Careful not to confuse my use of that individual’s identity as the definitive answer to your conclusions.
    (Do I spend a lot of time with this individual? Sure, you can say that. Said individual visits me and I visit her/him. We get along well outside of the college and I do enjoy her/his lively discussions on local and global matters. I asked him a couple of times to take the bull by the horns and post on my behalf and she agreed. Without her help over the summer, I wouldn’t have posted so much and I thank him for it. But I guess it’s time to move on.)
    This individual has been my sounding board, just like PhiloDave and Discoverer #1, and now I hope Discoverer #2. (If I can’t trust philosophers, then who can I trust? Really. Y’all rock. Now that I think about it, my silent protector has also taken a few philosophy courses. Dang! I’m in good company.)
    I intend to never reveal said protector’s identity. I asked this individual if I should cover my online tracks because it may lead others to think it was her/him and not I/me. She told me not to worry and that he was curious how long it would take to be re-discovered.
    Now that it has happened (and it took long enough), I will proceed to put all the dirt back in the digital hole so that my silent and risk-taking protector will not be a casualty of further identity mis-direction. Time to move on.

    BTW, Discoverer #2, your identity is safe with me. Glad to have you on the team. As I’ve told you before, I like what you do around this place. I like your style.

  2. For the record, and in my best stand-up comedy voice:
    Officially, it’s Realist. Kinda like the names we go by in real life. I wouldn’t refer to our president as The Don or our VP as The Margie. So I’ll thank you kindly if we can keep it to Realist.
    Of course, PhiloDave, Discoverer #1, and Discoverer #2, are exempt from this rule. They can call me The Realist, or Betty, or Al.

        • Same goes for you, Discoverer #1.
          The Realist it is. Anytime.
          A big thank you to you too for all the time you’ve given me and for understanding why I do what I do.

      • Perfectly acceptable, PhiloDave.
        You know that.
        And I thank you for the space you’ve provided me to post and comment.
        I’ll leave it at that for now, but a big thank you for so, so much.

        I hope your Packers do well this weekend.

  3. Does this mean that if we approach Realist and ask if he/she is Realist he/she will confirm his/her identity?

    • First, IMWTK, thank you for addressing me by my formal name. I see you’ve been reading the replies 🙂
      Second, there is no way to approach moi in person as I only exist in this virtual space.

      You can possibly approach the individual who types on my behalf, but..
      There may be a handful of individuals that will want to take credit so you may not get the true answer to your question. (Could it be that there are multiple Realists?)
      There may also be a handful of individuals that will deny your claim, perhaps be disgusted at the accusation, and you’ll still be without an answer.

      But what the heck, give it a shot.

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