Midterm mania – an app a day keeps the boredom away

One app a day for you kids with smart phones. Download it and use it to take a break from grading.
Sorry, I’m only covering iOS and Android apps. You kids with Symbian OS phones are out of luck. Them new Windows phones are also not included. When available, I’ll give you the desktop/laptop version.

First up is… Paper Toss

Here’s the iTunes link. Here’s the Android link. Here’s the desktop/laptop link.

It’s a silly and fun game. The goal is to get a crumpled sheet of paper in the waste basket. The locations vary but there is always a breeze of sorts that will affect your accuracy. The goal is to get as many wads of paper in the basket without missing. High score at Camp Realist is 14 straight. Can you top that? We’re on the honor system here, okay? Okay. Post your best score in the reply. Winner gets a pat on the back.

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