Midterm mania – Trash Talk Tuesday edition

A few sports to pick from. Pick your poison, and talk:

Basketball – WNBA is wrapping up their season and the NBA is getting ready to bounce the ball around.

Hockey – who knows when they’ll even start training (BTW, anypeep surprised by the large number of strikes that have occurred over the last few months?)

Baseball – Playoffs are taking place now. A darn shame they’re on cable. Ugh! It’s not about the fans any more – it’s about money. Disgusting. And yet I watch.
Um, the Cubs may have lost 101 games. Oh well. The sox? Don’t know, but they closed shop just like the Cubs, so I guess both teams stunk it up this season. There’s always next year…

NASCAR – For me, not as interesting this year as a few years ago. Don’t know why. Anypeep watching the Chase?

NFL – Oh yeah! Parity is the name of this game and the saying holds true: Any given Sunday. Or Thursday. Or Monday night. Here’s a quick update on the points leader (I feel like Brad Keselowski):

Team Rank Points
Chicago Realist 1 48
Jenny Favre Forever A. 2 47
PhiloDave 3 46
Chris Sabino 4 45
Ephrem Rabin 4 45
Joe Hinton 4 45
William Edwards 4 45
marta lacor 8 44
Chris Craft 9 8

I sure am gettin’ lonely at the top… nyuk, nyuk. Seriously, I don’t expect these standings to stay this way too much longer. Some of you peeps are doin’ better than me on the week to week picks and you’re gainin’ ground.
(Um, those Bears wins coupled with those Packer losses are really makin’ a difference. I’ll start pickin’ the Packers to win a few if PhiloDave will do the same for the Bears. Whatdaya say, phD?)

2 thoughts on “Midterm mania – Trash Talk Tuesday edition

  1. The European bailout helped my picks this week! Let´s see if Merkel shows up for next with real money and I can get closer to The Realist.

    • Hi marta! Hope you’re doing well. Saw a futbol game on FOX this past Sunday (while I was waiting for the Bears to win). Thought of you.
      I’d like you to get closer to the top and eventually take the spot. I’m just keeping it occupied for now.

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