Helpful Outlook Tip

I have heard much grouching about Outlook and one of the main complaints is that the emails are grouped by conversation so if you sent an email entitled “Assessment” all the emails with that same subject would be grouped together. Many faculty have reported losing the threads of a conversation because they are used to date organization and so don’t click on the unread mail folder to see the latest (and let’s be honest, some have a zillion unread messages so it wouldn’t help). The solution to emails being grouped by conversations instead of date is EASY.

Under the search box (where you would enter a person’s name to search for an email from that person), you will see “Arrange by Date” in small print. Click on that and a pull-down menu appears. Where you see conversation, unclick. Then the whole mailbox is now only grouped by DATE. AMAZING!

BTW- heard on the street that at least one of those annoying “SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT- MANDATORY!” is a state law and should actually be completed so you don’t get in trouble with the man. Of course, when I went to report my “reporter status” I got an error message. So now, I’m quaking with fear about breaking state law. For those who already deleted the email here’s the link hope it works for you….

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