Midterm mania – an app a day keeps the boredom away

One app a day for you kids with smart phones. Download it and use it to take a break from grading.
Sorry, I’m only covering iOS and Android apps. You kids with Symbian OS phones are out of luck. Them new Windows phones are also not included. When available, I’ll give you the desktop/laptop version.

Second up, and I know I’m one day behind schedule, is… Angry Birds

Here’s the iTunes link. Here’s the Android link. Here’s the desktop/laptop link*.

The versions may vary from platform to platform, but all in all, the strategy doesn’t change. The goal of the game is to shoot some green pigs by launching red birds from a slingshot. Depending on the screen and level of difficulty the game gets more complicated but it doesn’t waiver from the goal. A good high score is when you get three stars. Warning: This game can be more addictive than Paper Toss, so make sure you’re at home and you are all caught up with your grading before succumbing to the libita of these iratus aves.

*You’ll need to use your Google account (email and password) to login and play on the desktop/laptop.

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