Monday Music

Thanks, Realist, for a fun week–the Star Wars version was particularly memorable, even if it almost put me into a seizure with all the fast cuts…I’m too old.
Anyway, I got a lot of grading done, and we thank you.

In the spirit of Midterm Mania, I offer you this because, as awesome as the original is (and the whole world says it’s awesome), a Monday morning mashup of South Korean pop music and Byzantine fresco is just too delicious to keep to myself.

One thought on “Monday Music

  1. Y’all are welcome, PhiloDave and regular authors. I’ll give you a week of humor if y’all can continue to provide us with better posts and links the rest of the academic year.

    BTW, I was only able to watch the Star Wars video once and had to look away a couple of times. I know what you mean. May the force be strong with you these next 8 weeks.

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