Trash Talk Tuesday

2012 NFL Season – Week 6

“… I take my social committee responsibilities seriously on The Lounge and since we started a pool, followed by a good heapin’ of trash talk, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give y’all an update from time to time. (This will not be a weekly post, I don’t think.)”

I said to myself: Self, time to get back to academics; time to do less social posts and more scholarly posts (or one of those fight-against-the-machine/man posts). But after this past week’s upsets AND, AND, that MNF game last night (had the Chargers won I’d still be at the top – all alone), I had to give Dave a hand in finally taking over the top spot in the pool.
Even if it is for just one week.

Here are the standings:

Team Rank Points
PhiloDave 1 55
Chicago Realist 2 54
Jenny Favre Forever A. 3 52
Chris Sabino 4 50
Ephrem Rabin 4 50
Joe Hinton 4 50
marta lacor 4 50
William Edwards 8 49
Chris Craft 9 8

This is definitely, absolutely, the last update for a while. Unless, unless, there is another leader a week from today. (I have to give everypeep their moment of glory!)

Here’s my shout-out to all the players:

Enjoy the top spot for this week, PhiloDave. You and your Packers will crumble by week 14.

Will Jenny be 3rd “Forever”? Time to drop that Favre charm and just go for broke on your picks. Remember how his career ended? ‘gainst the Bears? In the cold. All alone. Don’t be that Favre.

Sabino doing well. Keep doin’ your math, climbingthestandingsissexy.

Rabin is quietly doin’ his thing! Just like he does with his Blackboard coordinating duties. But will he crash like Blackboard is prone to doing?

Hinton is hintin’ at makin’ a late run. Hope it’s not tooooo late, Joeman.

marta, marta, marta. You know PhiloDave is keepin’ an eye on you. Keep the pressure on him. I’m still expecting you to take the top spot for the season. Don’t let me down. (Am I puttin’ too much pressure on you? Sorry, I have to use any strategy that I can.) Seriously, I hopin’ you keep doing well.

Edwards, time to put away the algorithms or that excel spreeadsheet and just go with that gut feelin’. You can do it, statman.

Chris Craft has apparently gone out with a season ending injury a-la-Ray Lewis.

12 thoughts on “Trash Talk Tuesday

  1. Hard to keep up! I feel the Chicago pride going to the market with my Forte shopping bag from Jewel.

    • Sounds good. You might attract some loyal fans in the process.
      Are you watching the Monday night game?

        • Wow, didn’t realize it. I guess you can watch the highlights when you wake up?
          Could you get a network feed if you wanted to watch any of the NFL games? Is the sport popular overseas?

          • I can watch the 1:00pm games live at 8:00pm. There must be some TV channel but I watch them free online (you posted some of the sites months ago).
            I don’t know anyone who follows the NFL here. Everybody is mesmerized by soccer, it keeps us entertained not to think too hard about politics and the economy.

  2. I decided that the only way to make a fair contest out of this was to give all of you a head start.

    • I saw the name change. Nice touch.
      I like your enthusiasm and the trash talkin’!

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