Two for Tuesday: Preparing for Tonight’s Presidential Debate

I am providing the following as a public service. You can thank me in advance or afterward or not at all.

This is my second favorite essay ever written about Star Wars, entitled, “Most Citizens of the Star Wars Galaxy Are Probably Totally Illiterate”.

And THIS is my most favorite, called “Death Star? No Thank You“. It is so full of greatness, that I try to read it once a month in the hope that some of it will rub off on me.  I hope you find it equally thrilling. If not, read the comments. Glorious.

Both or either or neither may prove helpful or unhelpful in preparing your mind for the evening’s political rhetoric.



One thought on “Two for Tuesday: Preparing for Tonight’s Presidential Debate

  1. I’m listening to the debate and I’m getting bothered by the lack of direct answers. For example, the young lady asked the president and the governor what they will do to make sure women get paid the same as men. Still waiting for the answer. The more they put their spin on that question, the more they sound chauvinistic. ‘I was raised by a wonderful woman’ and ‘I hired women and let them go home to make dinner.’

    The mud slinging is also distracting.

    Can we get some straight answers here?!


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