No longer debating what to watch tonight

While I feel the need to do my patriotic duty and watch the debate tonight, the sports enthusiast in me also wants to watch the Bears AND game 7 of the NLCS. Decision, decision.

It took all of about 10 minutes and I’ve elected to switch stations between baseball and football. The heck with the debate. Do you know why?

For starters, and as one commentator stated after the last debate, this close to the election you should probably know who you’re voting for. Check.

Second, I was greatly disappointed by the last debate because neither candidate answered a single question truthfully. They didn’t even address the questions being asked by the townspeople. The whole point, it seemed to me, was that one candidate wanted to point out the failings and lies of the other guy and pound his chest for being the verbal aggressor. I gained nothing from watching. No, wait, let me clarify that. I learned nothing good about either candidate and their political positions. I wasn’t swayed be either candidate.
I learned how not to debate. I learned how to be disrespectful and get away with it while millions watched. I learned that these two guys don’t care to be informative. They’re out for the most powerful position in the world at no cost to themselves and if you and I get hurt or continue to get hurt (by the economy and politics) along the way, well then that’s called collateral damage. I was ashamed to see this dog fight from two highly respectful individuals.
I’ll now go to the polls deciding on who NOT to vote for. A shame I know it, but that’s what these candidates have taught me.

Why watch the games? Well, it’s going to be a bunch of guys and a ball. Sure. The townspeople in the stands will not be fooled. The viewers, myself included, will know from that start that this is about being top dog. The players will pound their chests, but that’s the point. At least when they go to throw at a batter or pull on a face mask, I won’t be surprised ’cause I don’t expect them to be dignified – unlike the debate. One player may spit in the face of the other, but you know what? That’s part of the game and I know it. I expect the players to be rude and let their actions get the better of them.

I don’t expect that from the debate and I will not put up with it. I expect decorum from these politicians and I expect them to uphold the spirit of democracy. Instead they act like Moe and Larry hoping the moderator would be their Curly. That’s why I ain’t watchin’ the debate. Cutler can give me all the slapstick I need and expect from a Monday night main event. Politicians should not be entertainers and I will not buy a ticket to that circus.

The final reason I ain’t watchin’ the debate? I don’t want to read the headlines and have the media tell me who won the debate. It’s not about winning. It’s about whether or not the candidates made sense. If I want to know who won, I’d much rather turn to the sports section and read about it there. To do otherwise, I’d feel like a loser.

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