5 thoughts on “Wright College VP Information?

  1. Thanks for (beating me to) the post, PhiloDave. I was wondering the same since all the emails began to trickle into our electronic mailboxes.
    Somepeep needs to point our brothers and sisters to this page.
    United we stand, divided we fall…

  2. Shared governance.
    We coulda, woulda, shoulda addressed that issue with the new contract…

  3. One only had read the subtext of and note the absence of refernces to Cordes in the emails sent by the new president at Wright for the past year to see that he was slowly trying to downplay her involvement — he was positioning Kevin Li as the key person and lauding random staff people — so transparent — when everyone knows that Cynthia is the brains of the entire operation. So sad…there is so much political intrigue and unrest. As a student mentioned weeks ago — the CCC is plagued by a purience so toxic and resistant to most remedies that the only solution is a quarantine. Harsh, but interesting. One has to wonder who has a vested interest in Cordes losing her position.

  4. She was asked to retire. It is highly unlikely that Kevin Li will be put into her position. It is clear that someone from the outside will be put in place.

    • Clearly, disgusted is all about conspiracies and atwright missed the point. When I read the post of disgusted, I noted the point regarding how Cordes had been seemingly erased from college discourse, not that Mr Li was in line for her position — who would want her position knowing what she has to endure? When I read atwright’s post, I noted the insistence that the new vp would be from outside of the CCC structure without an explanation as to why this is necessarily a bad thing.

      IMHO the point is the utter disregard with which Cordes has been treated, not whether Li or anyone else is going to “win” (chuckle) her position.

      I do wonder how the college will conduct a speedy search for vp?? Usually that takes a good long while to vet candidates. There must be some idea of the replacement.

      In any event, it’s sad but expected.

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